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You can enjoy a luxurious stroll wearing a kimono that shines remarkably.

Enjoy the town walk transformed into a longing kimono appearance!

It is a boom for not only Japanese but also foreign tourists to walk around in the sightseeing area that leaves the old appearance in kimono of admiration.
Mankichiya, you can rent a set of kimono and yukata, including accessories, footwear, hair accessory,
You can explore the retro streets of Fukuoka Dazaifu and dressed in kimonos that shine in the sentiment of the ancient capital.
If you are wearing a beautiful kimono, it will be a memorable time for a special trip.
Let's enjoy taking a picture gracefully with the gorgeous appearance that the person who goes on the way looks back unintentionally.

Five reasons why a Manshi shop is chosen for kimono rental

  • 2 minutes walk from Dazaifu station!

    Mankichiya is a 2-minute walk from Nishitetsu Dazaifu Station!Because it is near the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, rental and the return can be speedy.

  • Reservation OK empty-handed!

    Mankichiya is preparing a set of kimono and yukata, including bags, accessories, footwear, hair accessories, you can come with empty-handed.

  • Quick dressing

    I do not take time by the kimono about 15 minutes ~, yukata about 10 minutes and speedy dressing.
    Book in advance and if you can come before sightseeing, it turns into wearing kimono quickly!

  • JPY 2,980 ~!Reasonable price

    Mankichiya is yukata and kimono dressing, women 2,980 yen~, men of JPY 2,980 yen~ children can enjoy the kimono at a reasonable price.

  • Can be dressed on the day until 14:30

    Mankichiya is accepted by pre-order, but if it is until 14:30, it is possible to have you come to the salon on the day.

Wearing kimono as one of Japan traditional cultures

The kimono has a lot of elements which not only make the woman look gorgeous from the appearance but also draw out the inner beauty.It might be because of such a lot of people who look back instinctively when seeing the woman who wears the kimono.
In foreign countries, kimono is also said to be "art to wear", and it is highly regarded not only by Japan but also by people from various nations.
The kimono is deeply related to nature and reflects the feeling of the Japanese who has cherished the sense of the season, and the heart of the harmony is reflected strongly, and the nature of the four Seasons is copied variously.
Why don't you wear kimono, one of the Japan traditional cultures?

From the colorful kimono and yukata, you can find the perfect one!

Because it is a special kimono experience, it is gorgeous!
In the Mankichiya, you will find the perfect outfit for you, as you will find colorful kimonos and yukata robes available.
You can enjoy the shades and patterns that you can feel the tradition of Japan.
In addition, please be assured that the perfect accessory, footwear, and hair accessories for kimono and yukata are all available.
The dressing and the hair set are finished in a beautiful kimono appearance that a skilled staff corresponds politely.
It is also recommended for those who want to enjoy the contemporary style of kimono in a gorgeous pattern.

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