Rental Reservation

Option Plan

My Yukata Plan(women only)

Plan to become your own yukata after wearing

Instead of renting a yukata, it is a plan where you can dress up with a new one and wear it as your own yukata. You can choose from about 10 types of yukata.

I recommend this!

  • 飾りYou can get tourist yukata cheaply
  • 飾りFor those of you who do not know what to buy in a yukata
  • 飾りFor those who want to wear a new yukata instead of rental
  • 飾りIf you want to wear a yukata after returning to your home country, or you want to decorate

[ Basic set ]

My Yukata Plan A



What is included in this plan

  • ●Yukata
  • ●Decorative band
  • ●Geta
  • ●Waist strap
  • ●Korin belt

[ You can also choose a yukata in summer ]

My Yukata Plan B



What is included in this plan

  • ●Yukata
  • ●Decorative band
  • ●Geta
  • ●Waist strap
  • ●Korin belt
  • ●underwear

Tea Ceremony Experience (1 hour)

The plan of this place is a reservation for five people.

My kimono Plan
Experience the tea ceremony of Japan hospitality
4,980yen ~

Traditional culture and tea ceremony to boil water and serve tea.The tea ceremony, such as the manners and the decoration of the tea Room, the heart of hospitality peculiar Japan caring about the other party is alive.You will be reminded of the beauty of the Japan once again if you have a scroll of the alcove, flowers, tea ceremony, and matcha with the beautiful Japanese sweets of the Four seasons.

Recommended for people like this!

  • OrnamentI want to touch Japanese culture easily by sightseeing.
  • OrnamentWant to experience professional tea ceremony experiences

Please be sure to read before making a reservation.

  • ・For the tea ceremony experience, a reservation must be made in principle one month in advance.If one month is cut to the desired date, please contact us.
  • ・A kimono rental fee is required for the tea ceremony experience in kimono.
  • ・The location of the tea ceremony is different from the Dazaifu museum.We will guide you after you gather, so please come to the Manshi shop first.

Flow of tea ceremony experience

The teacher will make a cup of tea

01 Teacher Make Tea

First of all, after a talk about the tea ceremony from the teacher, I actually watch the tea ceremony of the teacher and learn the Tatekata.In addition, we will practice the way of sweets.

We have tea and sweets.

02 Get tea and sweets

We have tea and sweets.Even if you can not remember the fine manners, so I will explain how to thank you for the tea and sweets, you can experience thoroughly.

The person who wants it can actually make tea.

03. Applicants can actually make tea

After having tea and sweets, you can actually experience the tea ceremony.The tea you make yourself is sure to be more delicious.